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Differences between Contemporary Rugs & Traditional Braided Area Rugs

Rugs have been a common household item for centuries. For years, braided rugs have transformed the interior design and construction of homes, in addition to changing the techniques with which the homes are decorated. This has made them an almost essential component of home décor.

While both are often appropriate for a home there is a wide range of differences between contemporary rugs and traditional braided area rugs. It is essential to adequately know about these rugs and their differences if you want to make the best choice for your home décor. If you are new to this concept, here are a few insights.

Generally, braided area rugs are more suited to traditional home décor, while their contemporary counterparts are more appropriate for modern interior décor. Unfortunately, not all of us have homes that are quite so well defined that they can neatly be defined as either modern or traditional.

While braided rugs are usually more natural in a traditional setting, they can also work extremely well in a modern setting. The image below can give you a sense of how well this can work.

braided rug in modern space

Major Differences between Contemporary and Traditional Area Rugs:


Contemporary rugs are more known for trendy, bold patterns. Geometric and linear outlines are common with these rugs. Modern area rugs can often feature bold, abstract patterns, with sophisticated patterns that do not conform to traditional concepts.

On the other hand, traditional braided rugs are more framed, and give a less defined, and relaxed feel to the room. Traditional rugs are known for their spherical or framed arrangement.


Modern rugs can be boldly colored, and captivating. They capture one’s attention, as they are often made to be the center of attraction in a room. They are made using complicated techniques, intricate lines and bold colors. While traditional rugs can come in a wide variety of color and certainly can be the focal point of a room, they are often more muted and rarely in a solid a bold color.

traditional braided rug muted colors


While there is no hard and fast rule, contemporary rugs are much more frequently made of synthetic fibers. These fibers are treated to resist dirt, fire, and fluid absorption. They are mostly resilient and hypoallergenic, among many other advantages associated with cured synthetic fibers.
Traditional rugs are not as commonly treated with chemicals, and are mostly made of natural fibers. While this gives them a more natural feel and look, it also means there is no assurance that they can resist fires, dust or liquid spills.


Both modern and traditional braided rugs come in a wide variety of shapes. Modern rugs come in a slightly larger variety, however, and can more frequently be customized to fit into any space or non-geometrical shape you want.

Depending on the style of your home, and your preferences, either modern or traditional braided area rugs can work well for you.

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